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GOD'S PLAN : Short Film

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Interview with Director Kevin Simms on Christ over Crypto podcast::


In 2019, Director Kevin Simms finally finished writing his first short film entitled "God's Plan," which will be his 2nd short film directed since 2008. Eleven years later, after his first short film directed, "U Street," the many life experiences and wisdom absorbed over the years has shifted his lens to focus more on Faith Based and Drama storytelling.

Director and actor on set for wedding scene.
Karyn with slate on set of Malcolm's house

Many scripts were written and incomplete throughout the years, but the passion and desire to get back into filmmaking never stopped growing. Because of life's obstacles that tried to take PRIORITY over what was his true GIFT and CALLING in life, something about "God's Plan" just felt right on time to be the first short film for Intentional Visuals. Kevin Simms knew that many other artist, creators, visionaries, and people who keep pushing back doing what their hearts truly desired would be able to RELATE to this film.



God's Plan is a film about a young man who has a gift in writing and storytelling through film whose life takes a big detour in direction after marriage and new job. After tragic accident and loosing his job he continues to fight to get back on his feet instead of going after his true passion and dreams. Will he see that God has better plans for him?



The Budget

God's Plan is an Independent and Low budget production. The goal was to use allocated resources and seek funds through a fundraiser called Kickstarter. A very conservative budget of $5,500 was put together for covering actors, locations and a few props. It did not include equipment, post production (music) , or distribution (screening, festival submissions, etc.).

Fortunately, most of all the equipment used for the production of God's Plan is owned and acquired through Intentional Visuals LLC, from the cinema camera (Panasonic GH5s), lights and audio to the editing software.

  • (OBSTACLE #1) However, sadly the fundraiser and funds fell through. It was up to Intentional Visuals to find the funds for the actors and locations.



Casting, which is one of the most essential jobs and duties of the DIRECTOR, is critical to finding the best match for the characters in the script (appearance, personality, skill). More important than that, was finding actors that could relate to the plot and experiences in God's Plan!

Not only were we BLESSED with a very talented cast that could relate to the situations/ experiences within the script but the cast was able to stretch their availability for filming beyond normal working hours!

God's Plan Short Film, wedding scene with Director Kevin Simms
Actor Nnamdi and Director Kevin Simms on set.
  • (OBSTACLE #2) However, our main casting character had schedule conflicts on Easter Sunday, one day before production week...!

  • (PURPOSE #1) Nnamdi Oniyilofor, answered the new call for the main character (Malcolm Wright) that same day Easter Sunday and immediately accepted the role!





April 22nd, the day after Easter Sunday, was the first day of Filming! We filmed from that Monday straight through to Friday, every day. Some days were longer than 8 hours. Thursday night we filmed up to 4am and had to turn back around to film in D.C. starting 10am!

Filming God's Plan was a busy process but at the same time a joy. With a small but faithful crew to help with slate, audio, booming, set designing and props, we were able to get by with the bare minimum of crew power. How did we make it through production? Faith of a mustard seed and passion for the film!

God's Plan short film on set with cast and crew
Cast and Crew on set of God's Plan. Malcolm House set.



September 15th 2019


UPDATE: May 31, 2019 Film still in editing process.

UPDATE: July 08, 2019 Film music composer hired for film score!

UPDATE: July 13, 2019 Podcast interview for Film God's Plan.

UPDATE: July 18, 2019 Last scene filmed, added to post production.

UPDATE: August 16, 2019 Announcement of Film premiere screen date.

  • September 15th at Horizon Cinemas Sun Valley.

  • Film Festival submissions TBA.

  • Added Subscriptions TBA.

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