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We film gospel and christian rap music videos with exceptional cinematic quality with 6k and 8k cinema cameras. We approach music videos like a film, we script them, plan, light them and film them intentionally.

We shoot in .Raw format for greater latitude of picture quality and color grading. 

We edit with Premier Pro and color grade with Davinci Resolve suite.  

"Sperry's" / BMPCC 6K PRO / 
Filmed on boat in Patuxent River

"On A Nother Level" / BMPCC 6K PRO / 
               Filmed at cabin in PA

"One of them" / BMPCC 6K PRO / 
Filmed in Washington D.C.

"Many Nights" /  BMPCC 6K PRO / 
Filmed at warehouse in Baltimore MD

"Flex'n in the Ghost" / BMPCC 6K PRO
Filmed at Baltimore Harbor

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